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Our Goal

Our goal is to bring technology and process together for you.   To deliver total solution(s) designed specifically for your industry.  Solutions that will streamline your process(es).  Solutions that will improve your guest and staff experience.  Solutions that, in the end, will make you more profitable.

Solution vs Equipment?

GeckoTech believes in providing a total solution that will satisfy your identified needs.  Hardware is simply a component of the total solution, and anyone can sell hardware.   As such GeckoTech focuses on understanding your business objectives and then applying its engineering skills to integrate commercially available components.  Our purpose is not to provide you the hardware, but instead, a total solution that will meet your requirements.  Both today and into the future.


GeckoTech has countless man years of experience mapping technology to the hospitality sector.   GeckoTech is the only organization on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast that is able to integrate all of its technologies into one, enterprise wide solution.


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