GeckoAccess – Smart Locks & Access
Control Systems in Costa Rica

“How can I effectively manage all my locks and keys and ensure only authorized key holders can access a given door at a given time?”


GeckoTech can integrate fully managed Access Control and building security systems into your property. GeckoTech is able to offer Access Control systems ranging from the legacy serial controller systems to the newer IP and Wireless systems.



  • know who, when, and where each of your staff/guests have been
  • manage your staff’s workflow by providing them access to specific doors at specific times, therefore providing an extra level of security for your guests
  • improve “access” accountability and physical security
  • Networked: allows doors to be monitored and programmed remotely. These systems are better suited for Hotels and Condominiums
  • Grouping: Manage groups of doors to assign rights
  • Quickly remove a card (user) from one more door locks with a single button press.   Great at restricting guest access at checkout, or disabling an employee’s access upon termination
  • No fear of KEY DUPLICATION

What Is Access Control?

If you are looking for access control solutions, you may have already considered a smart door lock. Smart door locks are becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. But what exactly is access control? Here are some things to consider before investing in one. Here are some examples of access control solutions:


Costa Rica access control smart locks for residential & commercial properties

For large companies, access control smart locks are an essential security feature. Instead of keeping track of the number of employees coming and going in the office, they automatically lock and unlock the doors when an authorized person enters or leaves. You can even deactivate an employee card if they leave the company. This feature can be beneficial for companies in many ways, including eliminating the need to change locks and tracking employee keys. You can also use smart locks for residential homes and other low-traffic areas.

Some intelligent locks can be opened with fingerprints, a code, or by a Bluetooth 4.0 device. It also has a built-in anti-peep system and can be programmed to use up to 95 different codes and tracks. It can also be powered by three AA batteries and is compatible with a variety of devices. It offers added security features, such as an anti-peep system and a remote control for easy access.


Smart door lock solutions in Costa Rica

If you want to improve the security of your home, office or commercial building, smart door lock access control solutions can help. Smart locks are designed to work on doors that do not have electric strikes or other high-security features. These devices don’t require cables or installation. They even come with spare keys in case the software fails. And while some smart locks can be hacked, most of them are impossible to break. These advantages make smart door lock access control solutions a great choice for any type of property.


Smart digital door lock company solutions in Costa Rica

There are various types of door lock access control solutions. In-app unlocks use a mobile app to allow the user to browse and select the lock of their choice. Another option, the tap-to-unlock solution, is even more convenient. This solution activates the phone chip which communicates with a reader at close range. Once the phone chip recognizes the user, the door automatically unlocks. It makes the whole process even faster and more convenient.

Digital door locks are integrated with automation systems, allowing access control and other security features to be managed from an app on your phone. Digital door locks are more secure than traditional locks, because they have built-in alarm systems to detect unauthorized entry. Some digital door locks even come with a faked pin function, which recognizes the pin code after many different random numbers have been tried. Furthermore, a touch screen keypad makes it harder for unauthorized individuals to trace the pin code.

When choosing an ACS solution, it is important to look for features that are compatible with your security needs. A mechanical door lock does not record the key that was used on a specific door, which means that an unauthorized person can copy it. A digital door lock also has options to let a user enter the building with his or her phone. In addition, it supports mobile access using a smartphone. A digital door lock access control solution will give you the confidence that your visitors and employees are safe in your home.


Costa Rica access control system companies

There are several different types of access control systems available for use at workplaces. These systems are designed to accommodate different sized facilities. Companies should consider future growth when choosing an access control system. They should also consider a variety of features, such as emergency functions. Once installed, access control systems can be customized to meet a specific business’ needs. After installing an access control system, a business owner should consider the types of access they want to grant employees and visitors.

The security of any workplace or building should be paramount. This type of system limits access to authorized personnel at specific times and during certain hours. With proper access control systems, businesses can block access to unauthorized personnel during non-business hours. Access to restricted areas can also be limited. The various types of access control systems available help businesses boost their commercial security and increase their accountability. Biometric entry uses specific physical data to identify a person. Fingerprint scanners are often used for this purpose, but facial recognition devices are becoming more common.


Costa Rica fingerprint door lock systems

A fingerprint door lock is an access control solution that uses fingerprint recognition technology to grant access to a door only to people authorized to enter. Human fingerprints are unique and contain many details, making them the perfect identification method for people. Because they are so unique, fingerprints are very difficult to alter or copy. It also makes them much easier to carry than keys or cards. Fingerprint door locks provide both high security and easy user-friendliness.

There are several fingerprint door lock access control solutions on the market. Some of these solutions are simpler than others and require no wiring or frame installation. Others require only a fingerprint recognition terminal and a door lock. Fingerprint door locks are compatible with a range of security systems, including RF cards and PIN codes. Fingerprint door locks require a user’s fingerprint and biometric data, which should be up-to-date before installation.


Costa Rica WIFI door lock and door access control systems

WiFi door lock access control solutions are available for institutions that require rapid access and secure entry. These locks use WiFi and are not powered by AC power. Wireless locks need to be installed in context with their intended use to avoid interference and ensure security. Below is a table that shows the general range of costs for different access control solutions. This table can be helpful in establishing a rough budget for higher education access control projects. In addition, it includes considerations for lock and key control, which prevents access control systems from being circumvented by force. For example, brass keys and wide gap contacts are two factors to consider when implementing such locks.

Wireless locks are battery powered and require less infrastructure than door readers. Unlike door readers, wireless locks require only a wireless controller and locks.  The hardware for wireless locks is similar to other cylindrical locks, with only a few key differences. They also require less maintenance than other door locks. These door locks also work with different data input systems, including images, thumb impressions, manual codes, and biometrics.


Why you want smart locks for a residential or commercial property in Costa Rica

If you’re looking for new ways to increase your security, consider smart locks for home access control. These devices can control a wide range of devices, from an alarm system to the temperature in your home. Though no two smart locks are alike, they do share similar features. These locks can be set up to send notifications to your phone whenever a visitor enters or leaves your home. They can also be connected to mobile apps that help you keep tabs on your household activities.

Some smart locks allow you to create temporary entry codes and limit the number of times certain people are allowed to enter and leave your home. You can set access times by day, week, or hour. You can also set limits for how long each user has access to a certain room. Depending on the lock, it may also alert police or a home security service if unauthorized users have access to a particular room. Some smart locks also let you monitor and control your energy usage.


The types of smart locks for offices and homes

There are two primary types of smart locks for office access control: keyless systems and manual keypads. A keyless system has a door reader installed near the door and wired to the locks. A keycard is pressed against the reader to unlock the door. Although a keyless system doesn’t eliminate the need for metal keys, it does provide many benefits for coworking space owners. Here are some of the advantages of using smart locks for office access control.

Samsung’s smart lock is an excellent option for offices because of its multiple security features. For example, it can combine a fingerprint scanner and a key tag. Unlike the other smart locks, however, this product does not feature a digital assistant. Although Alexa and Google Home can control it, a human being must be present to unlock it. It’s also easier to install than other smart lock systems for office use.