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“Is it possible to leverage my investment in large flat screen TVs such that I can advertise to help build my brand?”

With gSign, GeckoTech can show you how to get “double duty” from you big screen displays.   Now you can generate additional revenue by cross-selling and up-selling your property’s products and services through onsite advertising.


Our Costa Rica digital signs are hard to ignore!



  • Advertising revenue from non-competitive third parties
  • Screen can be split in multiple ways allowing entertainment and ads to run simultaneously
  • Cross sell and up sell your business’ products and services
  • Enhance your brand through video promotion
  • Create additional profit by selling advertising space to third parties

GeckoTech can help you organize your Big Screen Displays and set you up with the right tools for Digital Signage.

What does a digital signage company in Costa Rica do?

Many businesses shy away from digital signage for fear of the costs, but technological advances have lowered the price of large LED video walls. Using a content management system and multimedia player software can make the process much simpler and faster. You can also use a device management software to give yourself remote access to your network. However, there are still many business that resist digital signage, even though it’s an excellent way to market your company and increase sales.


You need Costa Rican digital signage companies that are reliable

If your business is planning on deploying digital signage as part of its overall marketing strategy, you need to find the best digital signage company. This will depend on your needs and objectives, which include the number of screens, content strategy, and budget. For instance, if you are planning to hold grand openings, you will want to advertise new products and services and keep your customers informed. To find the best digital signage company, read on for more information about the different options available.

First and foremost, it is important to establish a timeline. You should have a deadline for implementing the digital signage system, and it should be easy to change messages on them. This will also eliminate the need for printing and other materials. Lastly, if you want to know which digital signage system works the best, you should perform A/B testing. You can test different wording, calls-to-action, images, and videos, and then see which ones convert the best.

A digital signage system includes software and hardware. Hardware includes digital displays, media players, and analytics. Software includes content management systems and audience analytics tools. A digital signage company will work with you to provide you with a complete solution. Depending on your needs, the company will offer software and hardware separately or partner with another company to provide a complete digital signage solution. While most companies focus on hardware, some have a comprehensive digital signage solution. Another option is to form a partnership with a digital signage company that provides both hardware and software.


Digital signage boards and screens in Costa Rica

With the proliferation of smartphones, the use of screen-smart device interaction technologies is becoming more common. These solutions can be used to engage consumers, such as those in retail stores, by allowing them to participate in polls, play games, and share social network content. While JPEG images and MPEG-4 video are the most commonly used formats for digital signage, HTML5 and Unity3D are becoming increasingly popular for interactive content. These tools allow businesses to customize the content on digital signage to best suit their audience and maximize engagement.

With digital signage solutions, you can keep up with important information such as emergencies and schedules. You can update content and change the appearance of screens throughout the facility to keep the audience informed. The same content can be shown on different screens simultaneously to maximize the effect. The software you choose should also support interactive functions. Digital signage solutions are also increasingly used in public spaces. They can display live vehicle status, traffic situations, and weather information. You can also use a CMS for content management.

For users with limited knowledge of programming, digital signage software is available in a variety of options, including cloud and premise-based systems. Cloud-based solutions are hosted in the cloud, and allow users to manage all aspects of the system through a dashboard. The latter allows for high scalability, which is important for large-scale digital signage solutions. They also have a range of advantages, such as the ability to manage content remotely and provide easy content distribution.


Costa Rica digital signage display systems

Before digital signage, static information was displayed on electronic paper. These displays were not interactive, and their reach was limited. Users had to be located in the same shopping mall or retail store to view them. Moreover, these displays had to be manually updated. Digital signage displays have surpassed these limitations with a variety of features. Here are the top benefits of digital signage. Listed below are some of their features:

The display’s size varies based on the average viewing distance and the type of media. Some displays are larger than others, allowing viewers to read the content. In addition to text, these displays can show videos, social media feeds, online videos, and motion graphics. There are different sizes for these displays, and choosing the right size depends on how much content is being displayed. For example, if the display is displaying advertisements for a clothing store, it may be better if the content is displayed larger than it is if it were a television.

While traditional signboards are great for displaying information, digital displays capture attention faster. With high-resolution screens, digital displays can be viewed from a distance. The convenience of digital displays is especially useful when the needs of customers change frequently. Traditional menu boards are limited in terms of flexibility. Therefore, digital signage displays offer flexibility for retailers. And, unlike traditional menu boards, digital signage allows for changes in content and positioning. That’s why digital signage is a good choice for changing your signage to suit the needs of your customers.


The power of digital display screens in Costa Rica

If you want to use your digital display screens for digital signage, you should consider purchasing the right type for your needs. The right digital display screen should include a number of useful features. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, look for all-in-one devices with SoC. These devices come with multiple features, including multiple HDMI ports. Many people also prefer this type of digital display because it’s easy to operate and comes with several features.

Compared to static displays, digital displays capture up to 400 percent more views. They also have a much higher recall rate than traditional media. Moreover, it’s estimated that 8 out of 10 customers enter an establishment because of its attractive sign. These benefits can improve operational efficiency and customer retention. They can even be used in service-heavy industries, as they can reduce the perceived wait time of consumers. Hence, they help businesses get more customers.

If you want to choose a digital display screen for your digital signage, you should look for an all-in-one screen with computing power. These devices can process and broadcast high-definition multimedia content. You can also choose a display that has a FailOver feature, which switches between alternative inputs when the current one fails. This feature is a great advantage if you want to entertain customers in different locations and need to have a backup device in case of power outages.


Start using electronic signage for Costa Rica retail, tourism, hospitality and other businesses

Digital signage allows you to display advertising and promotional messages to attract more customers and clients. In addition to sales promotion, electronic signage can also serve as a form of entertainment. You can create a multi-zone digital signage template to display targeted promotional messaging. Alternatively, you can use a content management system like gSign to manage the content of your digital signage. Moreover, video and animation have been proven to be more effective advertising media, with some studies even claiming that video ads drive 48% more sales than static ones.

The hardware used in digital signage systems is important for setting it up. There are different kinds of smart screens, each with different capabilities. A good digital screen should have an internet connection, as well as the option to plug in additional hardware. The next essential component is digital signage software. This is used to create the application environment. This is the most crucial component of electronic signage. It’s best to get one that can integrate with various other hardware systems and display content in multiple sections.

The advantages of digital signage can be enormous for businesses. Not only does it help increase sales, it also improves employee morale and retention. Unlike print signage, digital signage can be a great way to communicate important messages to a large audience. You can use effective visuals to reinforce training, bridge communication barriers, display job listings, highlight safety measures, and provide quality break room entertainment. If you’re looking to implement digital signage for your business, you need to make sure that you understand how it works.


Smart signage in Costa Rica drives more visibility to your commercial endeavors

The Internet of Things is becoming a more pervasive part of everyday life. To be considered smart, products and services need to provide useful and innovative features. These features are outlined below. If you are in the market for smart signage, look for the following features. Here are some benefits of smart signage. Read on to find out why these technologies are so appealing to businesses. Also, make sure your signage solution supports these features. Read on to discover how smart signage can help your business grow.

Smart signage displays are great for a number of applications. Smart signs can be used to display advertisements, videos, and interactive games. The content on these signs can include information from social media feeds, news feeds, Google calendars, and more. gSign’s Smart subscription enables businesses to maximize the capabilities of a smart sign. They can deliver dynamic content, such as videos and photos. Smart signage solutions help businesses increase their ROI and customer engagement.

While basic digital signage solutions play content in a loop, smart signage platforms offer the ability to schedule content for change. This is especially useful for businesses with a large number of smart signs. For example, restaurants can change their menus by scheduling content on their smart signage. With a scheduling feature, smart signs can be a “set and forget” solution whereas basic digital signage solutions require ongoing management and maintenance. If you don’t have the time to manage your digital signage, smart signage can be an effective solution.


Cloud based digital signage in Costa Rica

If you’ve been considering installing digital signage in your business, then you should consider a cloud-based solution. Cloud-based solutions are more flexible and affordable than on-premise systems. They also offer more flexibility, as they can be scaled up or down according to the business’ needs. If you’re unsure whether cloud-based digital signage is right for your business, contact us today with your concerns.

With cloud-based digital signage software like gSign, you can manage your screens from anywhere, without the need to set up an in-house server. You can access and control digital content from your computer or laptop as long as you have an internet connection. The software has an intuitive dashboard that allows you to change the content on your screens and easily manage the display’s performance. All you need is a stable internet connection to use it. Cloud-based digital signage solutions are available for both on-premise and off-premise digital signage.

A cloud-based digital signage solution does not require an IT department or back-room computers, and most software includes automatic updates and support. Cloud-based solutions are ideal for growing businesses and small businesses that do not have extensive IT resources. And because they’re hosted on a cloud, you have total control of your files and content. The best part? They can grow with your business. And if you’re planning to expand your digital signage program in the future, cloud-based software is the way to go.