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We have all witnessed phenomenal growth in Costa Rica’s hospitality industry.   This rapid growth has left a vacuum relative to the application of technology within this industry.

GeckoTech is a Costa Rican B2B (business to business) founded specifically to bring technology to your industry.   Our focus is the Developer, Hotelier, Restaurateur, Property Manager, and Rental Property Owner.In 2001 we began providing software & hardware solutions to Hotels and Restaurant Owners. These solutions were centered around our flagship product: GeckoPOS.  Our customers soon began requesting us to engineer other complex technological solutions. As a result we now have a complimentary suite of total solutions and professional services that solve most issues faced by everyone in Costa Rica’s hospitality industry.   Solutions include Point of Sale, IP Video Surveillance, Energy Management, Internet Hotspots, Music/Video Streaming, Building Access Control and the list goes on.Up until 2008 we used to make all of our services and solutions available only through capital purchase.  In otherwords, you “buy and own” the solution.  The solution then appears as an asset on your books, and like all assets you must maintain it.However in 2008 GeckoTech changed its business strategy and begin offering Managed Service (Software/Hardware as a Service).   We did this for two reasons:1. The economic downturn in 2008 restricted the business owners monetarily and they were not able to fund the capital investment.2. Business owners were becoming more aware of buying into a solution/service that would grow and evolve over time.   The business owner was more interested in leveraging a sustainable and extensible solution that would “grow as they grew” as opposed to owning a system that might atrophy over time.Now GeckoTech offers most of its products, solutions or services as both a capital expenditure or a managed service.

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