Nuevos Codigos CAByS

Si Ud es usuario de GeckoPOS, ya estamos listos, no tiene nada de que preocuparse, si no..continue leyendo.
Desde este 1.° de marzo 2023, los contribuyentes deben aplicar la nueva versión del Catálogo de Bienes y Servicios (CAByS) en sus facturas electrónicas.

“Un contribuyente no puede facturar si no introduce uno de estos códigos en la línea de producto o servicio que está facturando”, recordó Alberto Porras, socio director de la firma Baker Tilly Costa Rica.

La actualización responde a la entrada en vigencia de la nueva Canasta Básica Tributaria, así como a otras modificaciones que se realizan a este catálogo.

Logotipo Ministerio de Hacienda Costa Rica

Welcome Las Brisas Resort & Villas!

Welcome Las Brisas to our GeckoPOS Family! It’s a pleasure to serve to achieve your efficiency goals with our POS system!

Las Brisas it’s a luxury boutique resort featuring quality accommodations surrounding two different waterfall pools and we are located in a tropical jungle oasis. The resort offers a relaxing atmosphere, with peace and quiet in a tranquil setting. At only .5 miles to the beach, but far enough away from the highway noise and the late night party music from the hotels on the beach. Offers a full service restaurant and bar with room or poolside service. There is also a small market close by that you can walk to for food and drinks.

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GeckoPOS – QuickBooks Integration Module NEW!

We’re ready! Full Inventory, Food Cost, now ALL GeckoPOS features integrated into the most popular accounting software, QuickBooks Online.

ALL in one place, Managing your business is now easier, all your chart of accounts including your POS in QuickBooks Online,

Real-time sync, every single sale synched to QB, full inventory management.

More info? Contact us!

Welcome Balance Restaurant to our Family of GeckoPOS users

As part of the well established Sin Zapatos Group, taking over PuddleFish kitchen’s
In the first place, we’d like to congratulate a young couple who decided to do it right.

Fusion Cuisine to blend with the best local craft beers.
We wish you the best of lucks!

DirtyGlam Cocktail Room

In the first place, we’d like to welcome Oscar to our GeckoPOS users family.
In second place we invite you to try state-of-the-art mixology in the most comforting atmosphere.
Support locals #cocktailroom #gastropub #mixology

Getting Ready for the High Season

We’d like to welcome back, congratulate, and wish the best to these business opening soon:
– Ohana
– Ridiculous Burger
– El Zarpe

All of them, loyal customers who had our support through these last crazy times and now are ready to come back stronger than ever

CAByS 2020 Upgrade

GeckoPOS is ready for Hacienda CAByS inclusion for all customers
If you’d like more info about CAByS, please read the following link below:
CAByS menu items link will be mandatory starting December 1st, 2020
Are you ready, Do you have our latest update? If not, contact us!

El Point Bar & Restaurant

With probably one of the best locations in town, right on the beach, only 100mts south of Paloma Blanca, a minimalist but thoughtful restaurant adds our gPOS system with 3 terminals to help manage and operate their new business. El Point offers a tasty menu from Breakfast to Dinner, and best location to watch a perfect sunset or just relax in front of the sea. Welcome to gPOS Familiy! Thanks for your trust and best of lucks

Karma Cafe / Restaurante joined gPOS family

Karma Cafe & Restaurant a new Vegan option in Jaco with AC and organic fresh local coffee, is now open at El Galeone mall, right across Wishbone restaurant, subscribes to GeckoPOS services to control and properly manage their business with agile technology. Best of Luck!

Cantina Bar El Zarpe, happy gPOS user

Cantina Bar El Zarpe in Herrradura a local bar/cantina located on the main road toward San Jose at 100 mts before Los Suenos intersection,  joins the Geckotech family with GeckoPOS services on a high traffic/demand business in the area, congratulations on the new endeavor!
The place to stop for a cold beer in an AC environment with Latin music.