… How can I effectively manage all my locks and keys and ensure only authorised key holders can access a given door at a given time?

GeckoTech can integrate fully managed Access Control and building security systems into your property. GeckoTech is able to offer Access Control systems ranging from the legacy serial controller systems to the newer IP and Wireless systems.


  • know who, when, and where each of your staff/guests have been
  • manage your staff’s workflow by providing them access to specific doors at specific times, therefore providing an extra level of security for your guests
  • improve “access” accountability and physical security
  • Networked: allows doors to be monitored and programmed remotely. These systems are better suited for Hotels and Condominiums
  • Grouping: Manage groups of doors to assign rights
  • Quickly remove a card (user) from one more door locks with a single button press.   Great at restricting guest access at checkout, or disabling an employee’s access upon termination
  • No fear of KEY DUPLICATION