…. I loose revenue when the power goes out!

Commercial Grade Solution

Anyone need spend only one week in Costa Rica to understand the power distribution problems that plague the country. GeckoTech knows that an unplanned power outage can disrupt your business significantly. To minimize the disruption, GeckoTech has developed a unique solution using readily available AGM deep cycle batteries that serve as long-lasting stored energy source.


  • Supports 600 to 5000 watt loads
  • Load side support in either modified sine wave and pur sine wave.  Depends on budget and application.
  • Line side support for either 120v single phase or 240v split phase
  • Optional integration of gPower systems into the main circuit breaker panel thus allowing “backup power” being delivered to critical devices throughout the property without the need for re-wiring
  • Scalable: Add more batteries to increase uptime during outages
  • Integrated surge suppression to eliminate utility grid surges as well as surges induced by the “all too common” Pacific storm.
  • Optional grounding systems to ensure proper dissipation of surges/peaks
  • Switch over times of less than 20ms thus ensuring uninterrupted power to mission critical systems such as networks, servers, security