… Who can I turn to and trust to help me design and install a video surveillance system?

Lets face it, video surveillance systems are ubiquitous.  Hell, you can buy a consumer grade 4 camera analog system for as little as $300 from Amazon.  Installing, integrating and supporting these entry level systems poses a whole new set of unknowns and in the end results in costs that far outweigh the initial purchase.

GeckoTech understands the complexity of installing video surveillance and keeping it running.  GeckoTech’s gWatch integration process is:

  • Understand your property’s video security requirements:   What is your overall security objective?  Deter internal theft?  Deter external opportunistic theft?  Facial ID at certain distances and in certain lighting conditions?
  • Understand your current physical infrastructure and how to deploy low-voltage cabling to support endpoints.  Or support wireless backhaul for remote camera locations.
  • Get a feel for your property’s internal IT/Networking initiatives:  Do we work hand in hand with your IT team or directly with you, the stakeholder?
  • Deploy best of breed software and hardware components:  These include dedicated recording servers with optional redundant storage and power supplies, high end H264 encoders, robust IP cameras with strong optics and night visibility.
  • Provide User Training to allow subscriber to retrieve video evidence and monitor cameras real-time.

In the end, GeckoTech will custom design and deploy a state of the art video surveillance system that satisfies your security and budget requirements.   Furthermore, the system will scale and grow because all edge components are IP based and allow for easy plug & play upgrades.


  • Resolution ranging from 4CIF to HD
  • Optics for candid stand-off ranges
  • Night visibility using low lumen capable cameras
  • Industrial IR projectors for areas with low light
  • H264 compression to allow for longer recording periods with higher frame rates
  • Ability to view cameras real-time as well as historical imagery using mobile devices (IOS and Android) as well as desktop systems such as Windows PC or Apple PCs
  • Locate recording server in discrete secure area to mitigate potential theft of video data itself
  • Storage options ranging to multiple terabytes. thus increasing retention period
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