Nuevos Codigos CAByS

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Desde este 1.° de marzo 2023, los contribuyentes deben aplicar la nueva versión del Catálogo de Bienes y Servicios (CAByS) en sus facturas electrónicas.

“Un contribuyente no puede facturar si no introduce uno de estos códigos en la línea de producto o servicio que está facturando”, recordó Alberto Porras, socio director de la firma Baker Tilly Costa Rica.

La actualización responde a la entrada en vigencia de la nueva Canasta Básica Tributaria, así como a otras modificaciones que se realizan a este catálogo.

Logotipo Ministerio de Hacienda Costa Rica

Welcome Las Brisas Resort & Villas!

Welcome Las Brisas to our GeckoPOS Family! It’s a pleasure to serve to achieve your efficiency goals with our POS system!

Las Brisas it’s a luxury boutique resort featuring quality accommodations surrounding two different waterfall pools and we are located in a tropical jungle oasis. The resort offers a relaxing atmosphere, with peace and quiet in a tranquil setting. At only .5 miles to the beach, but far enough away from the highway noise and the late night party music from the hotels on the beach. Offers a full service restaurant and bar with room or poolside service. There is also a small market close by that you can walk to for food and drinks.

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Quantum Computing

Quantum COmputing

An Introduction to Quantum Computing

As a kid, or even as an adult, it’s always fun to grab a maze and try to figure out the correct path between the entry and exit points.

image from Business Mazes

When you look at how you solve a complex puzzle like this one, it would be safe to assume that you most likely explore each path one by one, until you find the correct answer. Now imagine you are able to explore all the paths at the same time. Crazy right… Using the power of quantum mechanics, quantum computers seem to do exactly that- but instead of elementary school maze puzzles, we could eventually use them for high-level problems like simulating interactions between molecules and aiding in drug discovery.

Applications of Quantum Computing

At a high level, the power in quantum computers comes from a qubit’s (quantum bit) ability to be in a superposition state, or multiple states at once. In a classical bit, it functions like a lightbulb where it can either be on (1) or off (0).

A qubit, however, can be in a superposition of both 0 and 1, essentially being both or any combination of both at the same time. Using this, among other quantum phenomena, quantum algorithms are able to manipulate multiple states at once, and therefore be exponentially more efficient. Though quantum computers are currently not anywhere near as powerful as they could be, future applications of quantum computers could include:

  1. Quantum Simulations (what better way is there to model the randomness of a quantum system than to use the same randomness of another quantum system?)
  2. Drug Design/Discovery (able to simulate the effects of drugs to drastically reduce the time it takes for drug discovery)
  3. Cryptography/Cybersecurity
  4. Optimization
  5. Financial Modeling
  6. Forecasting
  7. Computational Chemistry

If you want to know more and get into deep tech details check the full article at

WiFi 6


Wi-Fi 6 is the next generation of Wi-Fi. It’ll still do the same basic thing — connect you to the internet — just with a bunch of additional technologies to make that happen more efficiently, speeding up connections in the process.


The short but incomplete answer: 9.6 Gbps. That’s up from 3.5 Gbps on Wi-Fi 5.

The real answer: both of those speeds are theoretical maximums that you’re unlikely to ever reach in real-world Wi-Fi use. And even if you could reach those speeds, it’s not clear that you’d need them. The typical download speed in the US is just 72 Mbps, or less than 1 percent of the theoretical maximum speed.

But the fact that Wi-Fi 6 has a much higher theoretical speed limit than its predecessor is still important. That 9.6 Gbps doesn’t have to go to a single computer. It can be split up across a whole network of devices. That means more potential speed for each device.


Instead of boosting the speed for individual devices, Wi-Fi 6 is all about improving the network when a bunch of devices are connected.

That’s an important goal, and it arrives at an important time: when Wi-Fi 5 came out, the average US household had about five Wi-Fi devices in it. Now, homes have nine Wi-Fi devices on average, and various firms have predicted we’ll hit 50 on average within several years.

Those added devices take a toll on your network. Your router can only communicate with so many devices at once, so the more gadgets demanding Wi-Fi, the more the network overall is going to slow down.

Wi-Fi 6 introduces some new technologies to help mitigate the issues that come with putting dozens of Wi-Fi devices on a single network. It lets routers communicate with more devices at once, lets routers send data to multiple devices in the same broadcast, and lets Wi-Fi devices schedule check-ins with the router. Together, those features should keep connections strong even as more and more devices start demanding data.


You’ll need to buy new devices.

Wi-Fi generations rely on new hardware, not just software updates, so you’ll need to buy new phones, laptops, and so on to get the new version of Wi-Fi.

To be clear: this is not something you’ll want to run out to the store and buy a new laptop just to get. It’s not that game-changing of an update for any one device.A WI-FI 6 ROUTER IS REQUIRED

Instead, new devices will start coming with Wi-Fi 6 by default. As you replace your phone, laptop, and game consoles over the next five years, you’ll bring home new ones that include the latest version of Wi-Fi.

There is one thing you will have to make a point of going out and buying, though: a new router. If your router doesn’t support Wi-Fi 6, you won’t see any benefits, no matter how many Wi-Fi 6 devices you bring home. (You could actually see a benefit, though, connecting Wi-Fi 5 gadgets to a Wi-Fi 6 router, because the router may be capable of communicating with more devices at once.)

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2 customers upgraded to Last Generation WiFi technology

Congratulations to Hotel Ibiza and Casa Cerro Verde to step up for its guests and upgrade their networks.
Nowadays the best connectivity is not an option. WiFi connection became a commodity and the demand is as high as the new standards.
Follow their lead, and contact us if you want to stay on top of the last technologies!

GeckoPOS – QuickBooks Integration Module NEW!

We’re ready! Full Inventory, Food Cost, now ALL GeckoPOS features integrated into the most popular accounting software, QuickBooks Online.

ALL in one place, Managing your business is now easier, all your chart of accounts including your POS in QuickBooks Online,

Real-time sync, every single sale synched to QB, full inventory management.

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Welcome Balance Restaurant to our Family of GeckoPOS users

As part of the well established Sin Zapatos Group, taking over PuddleFish kitchen’s
In the first place, we’d like to congratulate a young couple who decided to do it right.

Fusion Cuisine to blend with the best local craft beers.
We wish you the best of lucks!

DirtyGlam Cocktail Room

In the first place, we’d like to welcome Oscar to our GeckoPOS users family.
In second place we invite you to try state-of-the-art mixology in the most comforting atmosphere.
Support locals #cocktailroom #gastropub #mixology

Getting Ready for the High Season

We’d like to welcome back, congratulate, and wish the best to these business opening soon:
– Ohana
– Ridiculous Burger
– El Zarpe

All of them, loyal customers who had our support through these last crazy times and now are ready to come back stronger than ever

CAByS 2020 Upgrade

GeckoPOS is ready for Hacienda CAByS inclusion for all customers
If you’d like more info about CAByS, please read the following link below:
CAByS menu items link will be mandatory starting December 1st, 2020
Are you ready, Do you have our latest update? If not, contact us!