2 customers upgraded to Last Generation WiFi technology

Congratulations to Hotel Ibiza and Casa Cerro Verde to step up for its guests and upgrade their networks.
Nowadays the best connectivity is not an option. WiFi connection became a commodity and the demand is as high as the new standards.
Follow their lead, and contact us if you want to stay on top of the last technologies!

Mar Arena leverages GeckoNet to increase renter internet experience

Mar Arena, an established multi-tenant 2 story property, situated on Jaco’s south beach, has decided to “take control” of its internet delivery service throughout its property.   This March, GeckoTech deployed GeckoNET (gNET) as a two radio managed wireless internet delivery service throughout the property.   The new service ensure managed (equally balanced and throttled) wireless connection to each user connected to any of the commercial grade wireless internet radios.   Each user is issued a unique userID and Password upon checkin that is valid only during their stay.   No longer do they need to worry about the neighbors leeching from their wireless internet service and degrading the internet experience for the paying renters/guests. Mar Arena’s permanent party, as well as transient rentals have embraced the new technology and find the security a crucial component in any wireless service.    GeckoTech looks forward to extending the service to include new/additional radios and other “on demand” services.

School of the World takes control of Student’s internet experience

School of the World is Jaco’s oldest, and most reputable (if not only) vacation school that provides room, along with classes in surfing, spanish, art, and photography..  (and rumor has it soon to offer “go pro” video classes).   So when it comes to ensuring the “internet experience” was optimal for students, staff and operations, the school’s management team looked to GeckoTech for guidance/support.   Enter GeckoNET (gNET).   gNET is GeckoTech’s managed service that allows for seamless distribution of wireless services throughout the property.   These wireless services are then afforded routes out onto the world wide web using one or more internet connections with the likes of ICE or CableTica or REICO.   gNET ensures that the student and staff always has an optimal route, while at the same time ensuring that no unauthorized leechers are able to degrade the student or staff experience.   The most compelling reason for School of the World’s decision to use GeckoTech is its established track record relative to support.   Because it is a managed service, School of the World does not need worry about being “left behind” as technology moves forward.   After all “a happy student, is a returning student.”

Wishbone steps into 21st century with GeckoTech

Wishbone, Jaco’s oldest family owned/operated restaurant, has long been a staple for the Jaco surf community. Both locals and tourists. Wishbone is known as the restaurant with consistent food and drink. Wishbone, up until October of this year has been operating by hand. Hand receipts, hand time tracking, hand chits… In order to stay competitive Wishbone saw the need to leverage technologies such as Point of Sale, and Video Surveillance. Which of course drives additional requirements such as Power Backup. Step in GeckoTech: With managed services such GeckoPOS, GeckoWatch, and GeckoPower, Wishbone is able to realize its dream of automating without the “breaking the bank”. Welcome aboard Wishbone!!

Tsunami Sushi contracts GeckoTech’s Support Services

Jaco’s Tsunami Sushi has entered into a long term contract with GeckoTech to support their existing GT Video Surveillance and Network Distribution services. 
 Alongside this, GeckoTech will provide ‘pay per call’ support for their Ahoha POS system.  Staff at Tsunami can relax knowing that GeckoTech will be on hand to provide support within 4 hours of any logged issue.


Hotel 9 enters into long term support contract.

After having successfully implemented GeckoTech’s Network Distribution and Internet Hotspot solution some time ago, south Jacó’s Hotel 9 has now signed a long term contract with GeckoTech to provide support for these services. Geckotech will be on hand to provide first-hand support in the event of any issues. Using an online helpdesk, staff can log an issue and GeckoTech will respond within a maximum response time of 4 hours.


Vista Las Palmas Infrastructure Finalized

Vista Las Palmas Infrastructure Finalized: Congratulations Nelson Spotorno and the GeckoTech delivery team.  Job well done.  Lots of satisfied unit owners with Voice and Data systems, now living secure with GeckoTech’s video surveillance system

Villa Montana back on track

Villa Montana back on track: GeckoTech is pleased to announce that the Villa Montana project, which had been postponed due to unforeseen issues, has recently communicated that the project is back on track.  GeckoTech hopes to begin deployment of the Voice, Data and Video systems sometime in May of 2009.

Vista Las Palmas Penthouse

Vista Las Palmas Penthouse: Custom Home Entertainment System designed & overseen by GeckoTech’s Entertainment & Automation Specialist Ramon Omar.

Vista Las Palmas Luxury Condominiums

Vista Las Palmas Luxury Condominiums: Green Light! GeckoTech will deploy GT-IRG (property-wide wireless internet), vPBX, & 10 camera vDVR Surveillance System.  Home Entertainment systems are also being designed & sold to individual unit owners