School of the World is Jaco’s oldest, and most reputable (if not only) vacation school that provides room, along with classes in surfing, spanish, art, and photography..  (and rumor has it soon to offer “go pro” video classes).   So when it comes to ensuring the “internet experience” was optimal for students, staff and operations, the school’s management team looked to GeckoTech for guidance/support.   Enter GeckoNET (gNET).   gNET is GeckoTech’s managed service that allows for seamless distribution of wireless services throughout the property.   These wireless services are then afforded routes out onto the world wide web using one or more internet connections with the likes of ICE or CableTica or REICO.   gNET ensures that the student and staff always has an optimal route, while at the same time ensuring that no unauthorized leechers are able to degrade the student or staff experience.   The most compelling reason for School of the World’s decision to use GeckoTech is its established track record relative to support.   Because it is a managed service, School of the World does not need worry about being “left behind” as technology moves forward.   After all “a happy student, is a returning student.”

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