Arigato Sushi leverages GeckoPOS for its restaurant operations

Arigato, undoubtedly Jaco’s most popular “Casual Sushi” restaurant has decide to take the technology leap. In early October of 2013, Rudy (owner/operator) visited GeckoTech’s office for a first hand demonstration after hearing how other local successful restaurants had benefited from GeckoTech’s gPOS software. After a brief demo of the system itself and a more detailed discussion of the necessity of support Rudy had pretty much made up his mind that the benefits and ROI would be quickly realized with the effective deployment of GeckoTech’s gPOS. Arigato purchased a two terminal license. One license for the fixed-bar-terminal order taking, and the 2nd license as a mobile license for a portable tablet to support table side order entry. Two command printers: one for the kitchen and one for the sushi prep area, while the Bar Terminal’s receipt printer will serve as both receipt and bar-command printer. Saling has been smooth since the installation, and the owners are able to run reports from home at their leisure. Ahhh…. the wonders of the internet and a smoothly running business!!