GeckoBee upgrades for CasaPonte

Paul Cooper, owner of Jaco’s largest and most successful single residence rental property, has been leveraging GeckoTech’s gEye services for the past several years.   The original gEye deployment used standard “hard button” thermostats in 17+ areas of the rental property.   Now that Paul has started the design of his third “free standing” house on the rental property he is evaluating new technologies that improve the overall guest experience while ensuring continued energy savings.  Ok, so what new technologies has he deployed?   None other than the newest generation Ecobee 3 Thermostat.   This thermostat is sleek, sexy and provides so much valuable information via its user interface.  GeckoTech is hopeful that this new generation thermostat from Ecobee will in fact become the standard thermostat (thermostat of preference) in all future gEye deployments.

Quality Services deploys first GeckoBee

Quality Services, a 10 year old maintenance/service company focusing on high end rental properties, has deployed its first GeckoBee intelligent thermostat. Quality hopes to extend its service offering to include real-time monitoring and reporting relative the health of compressors and air-handlers currently under support. The idea is to offer GeckoBee thermostat for those clients contracting with Quality for AC support services so that the Air Conditioner components (Compressor and Air Handler) can be monitored 7×24 thus allowing a more proactive support for its clients/subscribers.

Laguna Mar deploys 12 GeckoBee thermostats

In an effort to “be green” and “earth conscious”, Laguna Mar hotel has contracted with GeckoTech to install 12 GeckoBee intelligent thermostats. These thermostats will be deployed into Guest Rooms. With GeckoBee thermostats, the hotel’s management will be able to control each room’s ambient temperature from their iPhones or Desktop PCs. For example, they can pre-cool a room prior to the guest’s arrival. They can also use the historical web reporting to spot trends on AC units efficiency. GeckoBee is just one of many solutions/systems that Laguna Mar will leverage to help automate its hotel’s operational process and economize on operational costs.