GeckoTech engineers have recently completed the deployment of a GeckoEye Energy Management System to Vista Mar’s Penthouse.   The penthouse’s ower was frustrated with his ever increasing electric bills.  Sometimes reaching as much as $1,700/mo.  The property’s largest consumer of energy is the three central AC units.   Couple this with the fact that there are four large balcony doors, it was evident that there was potential for huge waste.  The GeckoEye system will turn off the AC when various balcony doors are opened for more than a few minutes.  Furthermore, GeckoEye will intelligently determine when the unit is unoccupied and perform a temperature setback to avoid “freezing” out the unit while guests are away on all-day excursions.   It will be at least two months before we have empirical reports to demonstrate savings, but it is believed we may be able to reduce the entire electric bill by as much as 20% given rental trends.

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