Steve Sheets is no “newbie” to Costa Rica.  Steve is the proud owner/operator of two beautiful rental properties situated in the Costa Montana just south of the Tarcoles river.  Steve discovered years ago that video surveillance was an absolute necessity for “absentee owners” that needed to manage/monitor their assets remotely.  Initially Steve attempted a “go it alone” approach to installation and support of a consumer grade video surveillance system.  He purchased a couple lorex DVRs a number of years ago.  However he quickly discovered the systems/components break in the harsh and humid climate of Pacific Costa Rica.  In a matter of months he was paying more to support his consumer grade video system than the system originally cost.   So he turned to GeckoTech.  Simply because he knew/heard GeckoTech provided top notch support and was one of the few (if not only) companies willing to “stand behind” its systems and professional services.   Steve now enjoys a trouble free gWatch system with 9 cameras surveilling his house.  To boot he got the latest technology to replace his older outdated cameras thus enhance camera-view imagery an order of magnitude on certain cameras.   But the best part is the piece of mind that Steve now enjoys.   He pays a nominal monthly fee to ensure equipment rental and support.  Furthermore, his gWatch subscription ensures his service is never obsolete.   Steve is now considering other GeckoTech services such as gAccess and gEye and gStream (to watch the Lapas nesting in his back property)

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