Villa Antigua adds Camera Surveillance system

Welcome back Villa Antigua! A luxury Mediterranean villa strategically located in the charming town of south beach Jaco, is using again GeckoTech’s top-notch surveillance system to protect their guests…Thanks for trusting us to protect what you must value..your guests safety.

gWatch video surveillance for Side Street

Long time GeckoTech customer/subscriber, Danny Clark, knew who to turn to for SideStreet’s video surveillance requirements.  GeckoTech of course.   GeckoTech’s gWatch managed service proved to be the optimal way to deliver video security to the restaurant.  With gWatch managed services Danny is able to start off with just a few cameras to cover critical areas of the venue.  Affording Danny the option to add cameras at future dates as the property’s vulnerable locations are uncovered.   But Danny already knew this because of his experience subscribing to gWatch for Graffiti (Danny’s other successful restaurant in Jaco).   Danny is now able to view all of his cameras, from both venues, on his iPhone, iPad, and Mac Laptop devices.   gWatch leverages IP technology and takes advantage of the newest imagery sensors to provide optimal images.

Casa Maganda migrates to gWatch video surveillance

Steve Sheets is no “newbie” to Costa Rica.  Steve is the proud owner/operator of two beautiful rental properties situated in the Costa Montana just south of the Tarcoles river.  Steve discovered years ago that video surveillance was an absolute necessity for “absentee owners” that needed to manage/monitor their assets remotely.  Initially Steve attempted a “go it alone” approach to installation and support of a consumer grade video surveillance system.  He purchased a couple lorex DVRs a number of years ago.  However he quickly discovered the systems/components break in the harsh and humid climate of Pacific Costa Rica.  In a matter of months he was paying more to support his consumer grade video system than the system originally cost.   So he turned to GeckoTech.  Simply because he knew/heard GeckoTech provided top notch support and was one of the few (if not only) companies willing to “stand behind” its systems and professional services.   Steve now enjoys a trouble free gWatch system with 9 cameras surveilling his house.  To boot he got the latest technology to replace his older outdated cameras thus enhance camera-view imagery an order of magnitude on certain cameras.   But the best part is the piece of mind that Steve now enjoys.   He pays a nominal monthly fee to ensure equipment rental and support.  Furthermore, his gWatch subscription ensures his service is never obsolete.   Steve is now considering other GeckoTech services such as gAccess and gEye and gStream (to watch the Lapas nesting in his back property)

Vista Mar’s gEye subscriber base continues to grow

As the Vista Mar condo owners continue to talk among themselves there seems to be one recurring theme:  Energy Costs in Costa Rica and frustrations managing these costs.   This singular postscript to this dialogue is GeckoTech and its GeckoEye energy management system.   This standard scenario was no different for the new owner of condo 4D.   Mr. Chip Christianson knew that with energy costs on the rise he needed to be proactive in managing them.  He knew, after talking with countless other condo owners at VistaMar, that he needed gEye to control his AC and thermostats.   Mr. Christianson then took it few steps further.  He knew and appreciated that value-add of automation and remote access to systems he could monitor/control via the internet.  As such Mr. Christianson also subscribed to GeckoTech’s gWatch (video surveillance on main door) and gAccess (electronic locks for main door).   Now Mr. Christianson has the piece of mind knowing he can login to a web portal day or night to see what is happening real time or what has happened historically.

High End PTZ to monitor Los Amigos ingress/egress

Los Amigos, like all popular restaurants, is a bastion for thieves “looking for a an easy target.”   The original patio area was surveilled by a single fixed view camera that was not capable of covering the dining area as well as detailed imagery of entrance.   So owner Chris Mandel asked GeckoTech to add yet another camera to his Milestone System.   The new camera being a PTZ with low lumens capability and one that could be controlled by the Milestone operator to change pan, tilt or zoom…    After collected detailed user requirements (what did owner Chris Mandel hope to achieve with this new camera/view) GeckoTech selected a high end Toshiba PTZ with a 180′ Panning FoV.   Now the property has imagery capable of providing irrefutable ID of all people entering the property through the main gate.   Thus continuing to prove that Los Amigos is one of the safest (least # of incidence) to dine out.

gStream service for CostaRica Surf Safari

Costa Rica Surf Safari needed a way to bring more traffic to their website to allow higher booking rates..   Carmen, owner of Costa Rica Surf Safari, turned to GeckoTech to deliver a robust (99% uptime) streaming camera capable of delivering upto 5 FPS.   Carmen decided GeckoTech’s gStream managed service was “the way to go”.   Low upfront service initiation fees, and ongoing support the ensured the system remained operational.  The result is a great webcam that allows surfers from around the world see real-time video of the Jaco’s surf conditions.     With gStream Carmen is able to see higher “traffic rates” to her site as her western European demographic “check out her surf cam”..    Check it out yoursef:


gEye and gPhoto installed for VistaMar 1A, 5A and 7B

Savings and Security.  What more could one ask for.  Especially when the former pays for the latter.   with a little change to spare.  Such is the case for 3 rental units at Vista Mar that recently became subscribers to GeckoTech’s services:  GeckoEye and GeckoWatch.  Vista Mar. situated in Jaco, is one of Jaco’s first developments.   The owners were experiencing brisk occupancy, but were having their rental income gobbled up by ICE.   So they turned to GeckoTech to help lower their AC operational costs relative to ICE power.   GeckoTech answered their “cry for help” by installing GeckoEye.   The gEye system not only lowered the owner’s AC operational costs by 30% but also allowed them remote managing and monitoring of doors/windows/thermostats.   The subsequent savings afforded them the option to install gPhoto at the front door to track all pedestrian traffic in and out of his rental unit.   gPhoto takes successive photos on one second intervals and sends them to a web service where the subscriber can review up to 30 days of photos.   Gone are the days of wondering if their units are rented..   All three unit owners are now in complete control of their properties even though they might be 1000s of miles away.

South Beach upgrades its video surveillance to GeckoWatch

South Beach Hotel (formerly known as Arenal Pacifico) has been using a 14 camera Aver Media video surveillance system for the past 5 years.   The system was becoming unmanageable.  Cost to support (replace obsolete parts) was beyond annual operational budget allotments.   Step in GeckoWatch (gWatch).   gWatch is GeckoTech’s managed service that allows rental properties to focus on the utility of video surveillance, as opposed to the headaches/costs associated with owning video surveillance.   South Beach hotel is migrating its legacy video recording equipment to new IP technologies.   The new system will allow for unified viewing of all 14 cameras, while allow remote and local access via Laptops, iPhones, Android Phones, and iPads.   Wait, it gets even better.   The new gWatch system scales!!   The subscriber can can add more cameras without being forced to upgrade upgrade components..   And the best part?   The subscriber does not need to worry about the system atrophying or being obsoleted technology.  It is a “managed service” that protects the user/subscriber from this eventuality.

GeckoWatch camera added to Vista Mar rental unit

An existing GeckoEye subscriber has decided to extend his energy management system to include video surveillance at the front door of his unit.   The unit owner can now have a running log of snapshot photos (up to 30 days) to monitor all traffic in and out of his unit.   The unit owner now has visibility of not only WHEN his AC is turned on/off, but WHO turned it on/off.   Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

GeckoWatch extends itself at School of the World

School of the World is one of GeckoTech’s first GeckoWatch (gWatch) subscribers.   For the past 3 years School of the World has enjoyed a head-ache free video surveillance syetem.   Headache free, because they simply need to call GeckoTech whenever the system failed, and GeckoTech’s technicians were onsite within 4 hours, repairing the problem. The gWatch managed service has proven so successful for School of the World that in late 2012 they decided to extend their managed service contract to include 4 new cameras.     Also, the upgrade of 4 cameras coupled with their recent GeckoNET deployment, allowed remote access for the management team’s iPhones and iPad devices..   Wowzaaaa!!