Monaco Resident puts Magic Jack in his rental units

One of Monaco’s unit owners has asked GeckoTech to deploy (configure, provision, and secure) 4 x Magic Jack VOIP devices into each of his rental properties. The unit owners intent is to provide free US calling services for his rental guests, while at the same time ensuring the devices are monitored to allow for the reporting of theft. The system is expected to save the renters as much as 500$ annually in long distance calling services, while at the same time allow the unit owner to differentiate his property from others by offering this service at “no charge”

Monaco initiates Video Surveillance pilot

Monaco Condominiums, situated in central Jaco, is evaluating GeckoTech’s GeckoWatch (managed service for Video Surveillance). Starting with one hi res IP Camera monitoring the gate, they will be expanding the service to include video coverage of each of the tower’s pedestrian access. It is expected the pilot will grow to 12+ cameras over the next 8 months providing tighter security for guests and unit owners. The cameras are visible (both historically and realtime) from the main office viewing terminal, as well as designated staff with mobile device access.

Monaco upgrades voice/data infrastructure

Monaco, one of Jaco’s finer condominiums, recently upgraded its ailing voice and data infrastructure. Specifically its cabling backbone and distribution topology. The new and improved cabling, provided by GeckoTech, will improve overall guest experience relative to both voice and data service. The project has been in the works over the last 3 months, and was finalized in early August. GeckoTech provided engineering and oversight services, while the actual cable installation was provided by Tekna Constructores. Project was on time and on budget.