The owner of Casa Ponte, Paul Cooper, has upgraded his two camera video surveillance system to GeckoTech’s state of the art Video Surveillance solution, predicated on Milestone. Milestone is accepted as being “best of breed” for security video systems.  GeckoTech is one of the few authorized and trained integrators able to deploy and support Milestone in Central America.  IP based, the software allows Paul to monitor the grounds from anywhere in the world, and furthermore, the guard can view activity on perimeter cameras from his guard-house on-site.

At the same time, Paul upgraded his energy management system from GeckoTech’s GeckoEye to GeckoTech’s new and improved GeckoEyeII.  GeckoTech’s original Energy Saving system, GeckoEye, was installed 2 years ago.  GeckoEye monitered activity in the property and automatically switched off the AC when doors or windows were left open but with no reporting or visibility of savings.  Now, with GeckoEye II, Paul can enjoy full reporting (transparency) of the savings he realizes. 

GeckoEye II allows full automation of thermostats, allowing the owner not only to ensure AC is switched off when potential waste/abuse is sensed, but also enables full control and monitoring of AC (and lighting) via the web from anywhere in the world.
During the migration to GeckoEyeII, Paul also upgraded all of his older inefficient Air Handler Fujitsu HI-SEER splits. With the newer HI-SEER Air Handlers and GeckoEyeII, Paul expects to reduce his electric bill by up to 50%. Way to go Paul!!!

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