After years of hearing about the savings realized by GeckoEye (gEye), a unit owner of a rental property at Los Suenos, has finally “bitten the bullet” and subscribed to gEye.  For those who do not know, gEye is a service that mitigates renter abuse of the property’s Air Conditioner.  Specifically, gEye turns OFF the Air Handler when designated doors are open for more than 2 minutes, and adjusts SET temperatures UP when guests are gone on all-day fishing trips. The particular unit owner of this latest installation was experiencing $300-$400 for nominal occupancy.  We predict this unit owner will experience savings of about $100/mo thus resulting in a $1200 year savings annually (assuming he maintains occupancy).   His ROI will be 12 months…  Everyone is a winner with gEye..  Yee Haw!!

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