Another Vista Mar unit follows suit….

You just can’t keep “a good idea down.”   This has proven the case at Vista Mar where gEye continues to “carry its weight”.

Unit owners continue to converse among themselves about high energy bills and how to manage them.   GeckoTech’s gEye energy conservation system is always one of the “hot topics”.  New unit owners are not waiting for the ICE rates to bite them.    As is the case in GeckoTech’s newest gEye subscriber, Unit 4D.  This unit owner has heard the horror stories about $2,000 electric bills with nominal occupancy.  He has also heard wonderful things about gEye:  How it reduces energy consumption.  How it allows remote monitoring of thermostats, doors and occupancy via the web.   etc…    Needless to say, the new owner of Vista Mar 4D is now able to relax knowing his gEye system is keeping a vigil on air conditioning units and ensuring his guests do not abuse their rights to enjoy them.

GeckoEye deployed into Los Suenos Colina

After years of hearing about the savings realized by GeckoEye (gEye), a unit owner of a rental property at Los Suenos, has finally “bitten the bullet” and subscribed to gEye.  For those who do not know, gEye is a service that mitigates renter abuse of the property’s Air Conditioner.  Specifically, gEye turns OFF the Air Handler when designated doors are open for more than 2 minutes, and adjusts SET temperatures UP when guests are gone on all-day fishing trips. The particular unit owner of this latest installation was experiencing $300-$400 for nominal occupancy.  We predict this unit owner will experience savings of about $100/mo thus resulting in a $1200 year savings annually (assuming he maintains occupancy).   His ROI will be 12 months…  Everyone is a winner with gEye..  Yee Haw!!

Casa Ponte deploys GeckoCheck to fine tune Energy Savings

GeckoCheck (gCheck), is GeckoTech’s Energy Measuring/recording system.  GeckoCheck basically monitors all the circuits in a rental property’s circuit breaker box and records all power consumption to the web.   This allows the property owner or manager to log in and see historical and realtime power consumption patterns.  gCheck is often a “hard sell” because it does not have a quantifiable ROI at time of install.  However, in every installation of gCheck there was an immediate recognised ROI within 24-72 hours of its installation.   This is because gCheck will immediately identify “heavy consumers” and over time will identify trends.   Such was the case at Casa Ponte, where GeckoTech had already (2 years ago) installed GeckoEye (energy conservation).   Within 72 hours, the property owner was able to quickly isolate one of his primary air handlers as being “money hemorrhage point”.  It turns out that for years the return duct had been improperly sized and thus the AC was running twice as hard as any other AC.   In a matter of days the AC’s installation flaw was fixed.   gCheck’s ROI will be less than 4 months!!  gCheck is also monitoring the 11 other ACs, 2 stoves, 3 water heaters, 1 dryer, assorted room’s outlets, etc…  Go GeckoCheck

Seaside spins back up..

Seaside (originally known as “Seaside Diner” and “The Fish Shack”) will be reopening its doors this coming fall (high season). The management team has been extended to include not only the original owner/operator Marcel Gauthier, but also restaurant consultant Stephen Carlson. The revamped, rebranded restaurant will leverage many of GeckoTech’s key technologies such as GeckoPOS, GeckoWatch, GeckoPower, and GeckoGreen (energy management). GeckoTech is confident that by exploiting its technologies, Seaside will be serious contender as a “go to place” in Jaco.

Wishbone steps into 21st century with GeckoTech

Wishbone, Jaco’s oldest family owned/operated restaurant, has long been a staple for the Jaco surf community. Both locals and tourists. Wishbone is known as the restaurant with consistent food and drink. Wishbone, up until October of this year has been operating by hand. Hand receipts, hand time tracking, hand chits… In order to stay competitive Wishbone saw the need to leverage technologies such as Point of Sale, and Video Surveillance. Which of course drives additional requirements such as Power Backup. Step in GeckoTech: With managed services such GeckoPOS, GeckoWatch, and GeckoPower, Wishbone is able to realize its dream of automating without the “breaking the bank”. Welcome aboard Wishbone!!

Vista Las Palmas Infrastructure Finalized

Vista Las Palmas Infrastructure Finalized: Congratulations Nelson Spotorno and the GeckoTech delivery team.  Job well done.  Lots of satisfied unit owners with Voice and Data systems, now living secure with GeckoTech’s video surveillance system

Villa Montana back on track

Villa Montana back on track: GeckoTech is pleased to announce that the Villa Montana project, which had been postponed due to unforeseen issues, has recently communicated that the project is back on track.  GeckoTech hopes to begin deployment of the Voice, Data and Video systems sometime in May of 2009.

Vista Las Palmas Penthouse

Vista Las Palmas Penthouse: Custom Home Entertainment System designed & overseen by GeckoTech’s Entertainment & Automation Specialist Ramon Omar.

Vista Las Palmas Luxury Condominiums

Vista Las Palmas Luxury Condominiums: Green Light! GeckoTech will deploy GT-IRG (property-wide wireless internet), vPBX, & 10 camera vDVR Surveillance System.  Home Entertainment systems are also being designed & sold to individual unit owners