South Beach Hotel (formerly known as Arenal Pacifico) has been using a 14 camera Aver Media video surveillance system for the past 5 years.   The system was becoming unmanageable.  Cost to support (replace obsolete parts) was beyond annual operational budget allotments.   Step in GeckoWatch (gWatch).   gWatch is GeckoTech’s managed service that allows rental properties to focus on the utility of video surveillance, as opposed to the headaches/costs associated with owning video surveillance.   South Beach hotel is migrating its legacy video recording equipment to new IP technologies.   The new system will allow for unified viewing of all 14 cameras, while allow remote and local access via Laptops, iPhones, Android Phones, and iPads.   Wait, it gets even better.   The new gWatch system scales!!   The subscriber can can add more cameras without being forced to upgrade upgrade components..   And the best part?   The subscriber does not need to worry about the system atrophying or being obsoleted technology.  It is a “managed service” that protects the user/subscriber from this eventuality.

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