Over the past few years the management/development team of Manuel Antonio’s Los Altos Beach Resort have started to appreciate the significant recurring operational costs associated with energy consumption.  To compound the situation, each elegant and spacious units has a floor plan that invites the renter to open balcony doors. To be specific, each of the 24 units has 4 large lanai (balcony) doors.  These balcony doors are a burden to the air handlers when they are left open during air handler run time. Each minute that these balcony doors remain open, with the AC running, represents huge loss. That loss quickly adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual operational costs as it relates to cooling requirements for the rental units.

Starting in May, GeckoTech introduced its GeckoEye energy management system to two pilot units. Each GeckoEye system included one automation computer, 6 door sensors, and 4 motion sensors. From day one, the GeckoEyes were generating savings by simply stopping the AC from running when balcony doors were left open for more than a few minutes. Further savings are realized through “temperature setback” when the rental units are unoccupied for more than few hours.

The engineers at GeckoTech as well as the Los Altos management staff are anxious to analyse the ICE facturas in the upcoming months. The question is not “is GeckoEye saving Los Altos money?” but rather “how much money is GeckoEye saving the property?”

It is expected Los Altos moves forward to install GeckoEye in the remaining 22 units before the beginning of high season 2012.

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