Los Suenos Bay Residence first gEye subscriber

GeckoTech has been working with Hardy Realestate Group (HRG) for the past few years to help them apply technologies that can improve a rental property’s operating efficiency.  Specifically gEye Energy conservation systems as a managed service.   As of the writing of this post HRG has roughly 5 properties under its care that enjoy the benefits of gEye.   In early May, HRG decided to take the plunge and deploy gEye to one of it Bay Residence properties.  The gEye system is a single thermostat system that should save the property roughly 30% of its AC operational costs annually.

The overall intent of HRG is to deploy gEye into the majority of its properties.  Not only to help save the property owner money, but to provide virtual management of the properties’ single biggest energy consumer.

Another Vista Mar unit follows suit….

You just can’t keep “a good idea down.”   This has proven the case at Vista Mar where gEye continues to “carry its weight”.

Unit owners continue to converse among themselves about high energy bills and how to manage them.   GeckoTech’s gEye energy conservation system is always one of the “hot topics”.  New unit owners are not waiting for the ICE rates to bite them.    As is the case in GeckoTech’s newest gEye subscriber, Unit 4D.  This unit owner has heard the horror stories about $2,000 electric bills with nominal occupancy.  He has also heard wonderful things about gEye:  How it reduces energy consumption.  How it allows remote monitoring of thermostats, doors and occupancy via the web.   etc…    Needless to say, the new owner of Vista Mar 4D is now able to relax knowing his gEye system is keeping a vigil on air conditioning units and ensuring his guests do not abuse their rights to enjoy them.

gEye and gPhoto installed for VistaMar 1A, 5A and 7B

Savings and Security.  What more could one ask for.  Especially when the former pays for the latter.   with a little change to spare.  Such is the case for 3 rental units at Vista Mar that recently became subscribers to GeckoTech’s services:  GeckoEye and GeckoWatch.  Vista Mar. situated in Jaco, is one of Jaco’s first developments.   The owners were experiencing brisk occupancy, but were having their rental income gobbled up by ICE.   So they turned to GeckoTech to help lower their AC operational costs relative to ICE power.   GeckoTech answered their “cry for help” by installing GeckoEye.   The gEye system not only lowered the owner’s AC operational costs by 30% but also allowed them remote managing and monitoring of doors/windows/thermostats.   The subsequent savings afforded them the option to install gPhoto at the front door to track all pedestrian traffic in and out of his rental unit.   gPhoto takes successive photos on one second intervals and sends them to a web service where the subscriber can review up to 30 days of photos.   Gone are the days of wondering if their units are rented..   All three unit owners are now in complete control of their properties even though they might be 1000s of miles away.

Los Altos deploy’s 2nd GeckoEye

Los Altos, a premium property in Manuel Antonio, has deployed its second GeckoEye energy savings system. It is hoped that in the next 60-90 days they will see enough savings to justify the capital expenditure necessary to deploy GeckoEye in the remaining 22 units. It is anticipated that GeckoEye will save Los Altos in excess of $20,000 per year once the entire property is retrofitted. There is additional in-direct ROI resulting from management and control.

Los Altos GeckoEye Pilot already generating savings…

Over the past few years the management/development team of Manuel Antonio’s Los Altos Beach Resort have started to appreciate the significant recurring operational costs associated with energy consumption.  To compound the situation, each elegant and spacious units has a floor plan that invites the renter to open balcony doors. To be specific, each of the 24 units has 4 large lanai (balcony) doors.  These balcony doors are a burden to the air handlers when they are left open during air handler run time. Each minute that these balcony doors remain open, with the AC running, represents huge loss. That loss quickly adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual operational costs as it relates to cooling requirements for the rental units.

Starting in May, GeckoTech introduced its GeckoEye energy management system to two pilot units. Each GeckoEye system included one automation computer, 6 door sensors, and 4 motion sensors. From day one, the GeckoEyes were generating savings by simply stopping the AC from running when balcony doors were left open for more than a few minutes. Further savings are realized through “temperature setback” when the rental units are unoccupied for more than few hours.

The engineers at GeckoTech as well as the Los Altos management staff are anxious to analyse the ICE facturas in the upcoming months. The question is not “is GeckoEye saving Los Altos money?” but rather “how much money is GeckoEye saving the property?”

It is expected Los Altos moves forward to install GeckoEye in the remaining 22 units before the beginning of high season 2012.