Oxygino deploys Video Camera for remote management: GeckoTech has successfully completed the deployment of Bohio Grill’s 6th camera as part of GT’s DVR-Manage service.  Now, the owner’s of Bohio Grill, are able to monitor activity in 3 of their locations.  Bohio Grill itself (Jaco), Bubbas (Jaco), and Oxygino (SJO).  The Bohio Grill owners now have a single log-in from which they can view all 6 cameras simultaneously from the convenience of their home..  Or anywhere for that matter.  Hats off to Nelson’s deployment team for making this solution a reality.  GeckoTech is hopeful to have 2 more cameras deployed to two new locations (part of the Bohio Grill Group) within the next 30 days.

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