BohioGrill enhances GeckoPOS with Proximity Technology

BohioGrill, a long time user of various GeckoTech technologies, has recently upgraded its GeckoPOS to include proximity card technology to allow better (more secure) credentialing for Waitstaff and employee access.  Previously, employees simply entered a  four digit PIN code that could easily be passed verbally.  Now, with the GeckoAccess add-on, each employee is issued a card, and each card as UNIQUE ID encoded/embedded using  proximity technology.  The card (aka token) is then used to gain access to the GeckoPOS.  This enhancement helps minimize internal fraud.

GeckoEye deployed to Las Lomas

Heradura’s gated community, Las Lomas, has a number of single family dwellings. Most of these houses are privately owned by foreigners. Recently GeckoTech was contracted to provision the GeckoEye energy management service for one its owners. The primary purpose for the GeckoEye installation was not “energy savings” as is normally the case. Rather the unit owner decided to subscribe to GeckoEye because of GeckoEye’s by-products. Specifically, the ability to control locks, monitor activity in and around the property, and record video (in the form of snapshots) to a cloud service. The GeckoEye will allow owner to program the access control for Staff and Guests as well as reporting on when and how the property was used. It is expected that this unit owner eventually adds more sensors, lighting control and climate control. From his iPad, the unit owner is able to login to the GeckoEye automation computer and lock/unlock doors, as well as review video and property state.