Hangout Bar & Grill subscribes to gPOS service

The management at Jaco’s new “Hangout CR Bar & Grill” have followed suit with the GreenRoom and decided to deploy a locally supported Point of Sale system.   And why not?  gPOS has the largest user base in the Jaco area.  Not to mention stellar support from a locally based company.

Working closely with the GreenRoom owners the Hangout management decided to leverage GeckoTech’s gPOS managed service for a number of reasons:

  1. Unparalleled support.  The ability to call a support line and KNOW that the other end will answer and provide timely and professional support.
  2. Managed service options that eliminate large capital outlay for expensive, but necessary, operational systems.
  3. Continuity of management/control interfaces with sister restaurant the GreenRoom.  GreenRoom uses gPOS as well, so management teams from both properties will be able to step in for the others.

Welcome to the gPOS group of satisfied users.

Side Street.. A promising bistro and gPOS user

The wonderful thing about having successful customers?   They grow, prosper, and become repeat customers for new venues and business.   Such is the case with Danny Clark.  Owner of Graffiti.  Unequivocally Jaco’s trendiest and tastiest dining spot.   Well we are expecting Danny to “hit another homerun” with his latest venue “Side Street Bistro”.   Side Street is purportedly a great sandwich spot.  And I hope so as I love a great sandwich.  At any rate, Danny recognizes that one should “stick with what works”.   And in this case it is relationship with GeckoTech and his reliance on GeckoTech to deliver and support technology to streamline his operations and make him even more competitive than he might already be.  To this end, GeckoTech has been asked to recommission a 2 terminal, 3 printer gPOS system for the property.   We are excited to do so, and expect that with Danny’s continued success will be the addition of other GeckoTech Technology amenities to improve the diner’s overall experience. Such as gLoyalty for branding and rewarding those frequent diners..  Or gStream to allow real time streaming of restaurant activity to the Side Street Web Site.   Well, the list goes on and on.

Breeze re-brands itself as Papichulos

Local Jaco restaurant, Breeze, has reopened its doors after an 18 month hiatus.   At the same time they are re-branding themselves and upgrading their GeckoPOS system to the latest version thus allowing priced modifiers and proximity credentialing (as well as countless other updates/fixes over the past 18 months).   Good luch Papichulos.

BohioGrill enhances GeckoPOS with Proximity Technology

BohioGrill, a long time user of various GeckoTech technologies, has recently upgraded its GeckoPOS to include proximity card technology to allow better (more secure) credentialing for Waitstaff and employee access.  Previously, employees simply entered a  four digit PIN code that could easily be passed verbally.  Now, with the GeckoAccess add-on, each employee is issued a card, and each card as UNIQUE ID encoded/embedded using  proximity technology.  The card (aka token) is then used to gain access to the GeckoPOS.  This enhancement helps minimize internal fraud.

Jaco Blu : Jaco’s private beach club

Jaco has recently seen the arrival a new and unique venue.  Jaco Blu.   A beach club with bar/dining facilities, pool, beach access, parking, bathrooms, etc..   It is a welcome addition for all those folks from SJO that must fight for parking, and then scramble to find places to eat and bathe on their weekend jaunts.  Jaco Blu owner, Mike Maher, turned to GeckoTech for his Point of Sale requirements..  Mike’s priority:  SERVICE.   With all of his equipment exposed as an Open-Air venue, he knew equipment would need regular upkeep and service.  GeckoTech to the rescue with GeckoPOS.

Wishbone begins deployment of Video Surveillance

Wishbone, one of jaco’s oldest and most reputable restaurants, is moving into the 21st century by subscribing to GeckoTech’s GeckoWatch video surveillance managed service. The initial system will consist of 4 cameras scattered throughout the property to allow management/owners to view activity in and around the property. GeckoTech will use Milestone’s award winning xProtect to provide historical and real-time viewing to Wishbone’s staff via their mobile devices. Both Android and iPhone. Next step, in terms of automation for Wishbone will be the deployment of GeckoPOS..

JacoPOS Deployed to Bar in Lansing Michigan

Yes, everyone thinks of GeckoTech as a regional company. Believe it or not, we do have clients that not only enjoy our professional service offerings here in Costa Rica for their locally owned businesses, but they also take advantage of these same services for their off-shore businesses.   One such client, Chris Petrick, owner of Bohio Grill (long time GeckoTech client) has contracted with GeckoTech to provide similar Point of Sale services for his bar in Lansing Michigan.  Chris wanted to keep his operational process the same (as it relates to point of sale) across all of his dining/bar venues. In this case it made perfect business sense to work with the same solution provider for his US concerns that he uses in his Costa Rica venues.