HD Set Top box integration for Los Amigos distributed video

Technology changes at an alarming rate,  and to be competitive in the hospitality industry you must stay on the bleeding edge.     Such is the case with Los Amigos’ video distribution system.   During the original deployment of an “easily controlled” video distribution in the Los Amigos Sports Bar, GeckoTech used CATV cabling infrastructure and Composite video injectors to send the multitude of “on demand content servers” to any number of the sports bar’s TVs.   This solution has served Los Amigos well for the past 6 years…..  But all good things must come to an end.  Or must they?  Can’t we simply make a good thing better?  In this case yes.   Los Amigos upped its Cable Tica subscription to use High Definition Set Top boxes.   This allows a better experience for the customer on “fight night”.   However the HD Set Top boxes posed an integration issue as compared to the legacy video distribution technology.   No worries.  GeckoTech to the rescue.   GeckoTech engineered a hybrid solution that allowed limited distribution of high def content without disrupting the distribution of legacy content/services.

Live Video stream deployed to Jaco’s most recognized brand

Live video streaming in Costa Rica (especially in outlying areas to SJO) represents unique challenges. Unreliable internet, low bandwidth, high latency, climate/humidity issues, power grid delivery, etc.. will have a negative impact on video streaming. After 1.5 years evaluating/testing various streaming technologies GeckoTech has deployed a live video feed for Jaco’s most recognized restaurant. This stream leverages the ubiquity of Adobe’s flash players as installed on most of today’s desktop, laptops and mobile devices. The live video stream http://www.losamigosjaco.com/webcam is available and active during the restaurant’s normal operational hours. The stream has been “fine tuned” to ensure maximum uptime and quality given the constraints imposed by the Costa Rican’s internet service providers. To some, the the solution may seem quite trivial, but deploying a system capable of unattended operations and recovery on the local Costa Rican Data network was no small feat. Check it out, and give us your feedback/comments.