HD Set Top box integration for Los Amigos distributed video

Technology changes at an alarming rate,  and to be competitive in the hospitality industry you must stay on the bleeding edge.     Such is the case with Los Amigos’ video distribution system.   During the original deployment of an “easily controlled” video distribution in the Los Amigos Sports Bar, GeckoTech used CATV cabling infrastructure and Composite video injectors to send the multitude of “on demand content servers” to any number of the sports bar’s TVs.   This solution has served Los Amigos well for the past 6 years…..  But all good things must come to an end.  Or must they?  Can’t we simply make a good thing better?  In this case yes.   Los Amigos upped its Cable Tica subscription to use High Definition Set Top boxes.   This allows a better experience for the customer on “fight night”.   However the HD Set Top boxes posed an integration issue as compared to the legacy video distribution technology.   No worries.  GeckoTech to the rescue.   GeckoTech engineered a hybrid solution that allowed limited distribution of high def content without disrupting the distribution of legacy content/services.

Poseidon takes aim at easier control of SkyLounge TVs

The problem is as old as time itself.   Countless TVs, countless sources of content, countless remotes.   And no one who knows how to operate them all!!   That is why Tim Odom, owner of Hotel Poseidon, decided to call in the “big guns” to help unify his control points for the 7 TVs he recently installed in his Sky Lounge Sports Bar.  Step in GeckoTech.   We designed a system that used commercial off the shelf components to redistribute HD video over CAT5 cables to each of the TVs.   The key components were a video switcher and a URC KP900.   These two components will allow the most naive wait staff to push any content to any TV in the SkyLounge or Poseidon Restaurant.  Gone are the days of the 10PM calls to Tim’s house asking “how do I get ESPN2 on the TV4?”.    Life only gets easier with GeckoTech

Poseidon Hotel deploys GeckoMusic

In an effort to streamline operational procedures, as well minimize component support costs, Poseidon Hotel, (one of Jaco’s more established properties) has contracted with GeckoTech for the deployment of a single source, 4 zone audio system. Using ABUS technology (tried and tested) the hotel will leverage the Front Desk PC as an audio player and feed a primary ABUS hub. The ABUS hub will the feed four designated zones to allow for independent audio/volume control in each zone. The identified zones are the Restaurant, Lobby, and Pool area. The fourth zone will be a roving portable zone providing music in various locations as venue demands change.

Acqua deploys “Whole House Audio” to common areas

Acqua Residences, one of Jaco’s premier properties, has contracted with GeckoTech for the deployment of music into 4 common areas. Using PCs and mobile devices, the Acqua staff will be able to control music/genre and volume for each of the four zones (common areas). The GeckoMusic system consists of discretely installed volume keypads and in-ceiling speakers. The overall experience when walking through various common areas of Acqua will improved 10 fold. The common areas receiving the GeckoMusic enhancement were: Pool-Rancho, West Elevator round-about, Gym and Theater. Guests and Unit owners have already shown great appreciation for the change in the ambiance of these common areas. GeckoMusic is a great addition for any property’s common and/or private areas.