High End PTZ to monitor Los Amigos ingress/egress

Los Amigos, like all popular restaurants, is a bastion for thieves “looking for a an easy target.”   The original patio area was surveilled by a single fixed view camera that was not capable of covering the dining area as well as detailed imagery of entrance.   So owner Chris Mandel asked GeckoTech to add yet another camera to his Milestone System.   The new camera being a PTZ with low lumens capability and one that could be controlled by the Milestone operator to change pan, tilt or zoom…    After collected detailed user requirements (what did owner Chris Mandel hope to achieve with this new camera/view) GeckoTech selected a high end Toshiba PTZ with a 180′ Panning FoV.   Now the property has imagery capable of providing irrefutable ID of all people entering the property through the main gate.   Thus continuing to prove that Los Amigos is one of the safest (least # of incidence) to dine out.

Los Amigos opts for mobile viewing of Surveillance

Chris Mandel, owner of Los Amigos, is in the process of upgrading his Milestone Video Surveillance sytem (branded GeckoWatch) to allow him to view his property’s cameras real-time “on the go”.   To facilitate this upgrade, Chris purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note with both Wifi and 3G services.  Now, from almost anywhere in the world, Chris can “keep tabs” on his business.  GeckoWatch: Piece of mind with a Costa Rican business.

GeckoTech moves more services to Amazon Cloud

In an effort to increase system/service reliability (five 9s of uptime) GeckoTech has moved additional services into the Amazon EC2 cloud. These services include the following:

* GeckoEye Energy Management – GeckoTech has moved its GeckoEye energy management data gathering portal out of its Jaco offices into the Amazon cloud to ensure end to end delivery of all Energy related events for rental properties.

* Milestone NVR Management – GeckoTech has more CCTV cameras deployed in Jaco than any other vendor. The cornerstone of GeckoTech’s Video Surveillance deployments is Milestone. Commercial subscribers to GeckoTech’s video surveillance systems will now use servers in the Amazon cloud to authenticate and gain access to their cameras. This will ensure that as long as there is internet service to the property’s cameras, the user will be able to access using the authentication servers hosted in Amazon’s cloud.

* Network Monitoring – Prior to the migration of GeckoTech’s Network monitoring services into the cloud, GeckoTech’s monitoring software was hosted its Jaco offices. This meant the network monitoring services were subject to the regular power and internet outages that Jaco experiences. Now, with its network monitoring services in the Amazon cloud, GeckoTech can provide metrics that are an order of magnitude more accurate than in the past. This migration also allows for better “real-time” alerts of impending outage through SMS and eMail delivery to GeckoTech technicians.

* Reporting Services – GeckoTech is leveraging Amazon’s robust infrastructure to deliver reports from various JacoPOS (Point of Sale) Servers installed at various client sites on the central pacific. The idea is that this On Demand reporting server will deliver necessary operational reports on scheduled basis without reliance on ICE’s network.

GeckoTech’s management is confident that the ROI for migration will be less than two months. More importantly GeckoTech can boast a service level that is unsurpassed in Costa Rica.