Air conditioning is probably the single biggest consumer of electricity in your rental property.  As a hotel manager or rental property owner, you need to take control of this energy consumption.  You need to ensure that guests don’t abuse their right to use the AC.  You need to bring down your electric bill by prohibiting guests from “running up” your electric bill.   With GeckoEye you can do just this.

GeckoEye is a fully automated system that uses door/window and motion sensors to monitor a room’s “state”. Specifically GeckoEye knows if doors/windows are open or closed and knows if the room is occupied or unoccupied. Armed with this information the GeckoEye controller is able to make decisions about how to manage the room’s Air Conditioner.

GeckoEye is a “Managed Service.” This means you pay modest upfront “Service Initiation” fee, and enter into a long term support relationship whereby GeckoTech ensures the system continues to save you money over the life of your rental property.

Service Initiation for the GeckoEye base kit (consisting of one home automation computer, one intelligent thermostat, one door sensor, and one motion sensor) is only $452. The ongoing subscription fee is only $39.55/mo. Thermostats and sensors can be added to GeckoEye system to accommodate larger rental properties.

Current GeckoEye subscribers enjoy savings ranging from $2000 to $12,000 per year. Return on Investment ranges from 6 to 18 months.